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This Strikes Me as FUD Aimed at VIA

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 05, 2005 04:09 PM
This article seems to be trying to make a "bad intent" mountain, out of an "honest mistake" molehill.

And, along with the previous article, it strikes me as FUD, intended to undermine VIA's Open Source initiative.

To understand the motivation behind the FUD, consider the current situation surrounding PC hardware, and Linux.

Microsoft wants to undermine Linux. Two of the ways they can do that is by locking Linux users in, or by locking Linux out of commodity PC hardware.

But Open Source is preventing Microsoft from doing either of those things.

So Microsoft began a strategy to get Linux users hooked on closed source middleware, by getting them to accept closed source video drivers.

Thus, when Microsoft started the XBox, MS partnered with NVidia, following which NVidia hired up Open Source NVidia driver developers, stopped their work on the Open Source drivers, and released _closed_ source NVidia drivers for Linux.

Microsoft then partnered with ATI, following which ATI reduced their support for Open Source driver development, and released _closed_ source ATI drivers for Linux.

But Microsoft's whole scheme falls apart if Linux users go elsewhere for their video cards and Open Source drivers.

Hence the FUD. It's the same as the FUD against Linux, Mozilla, Red Hat, Java, or anything else that provides an alternative to Microsoft and their current partners-for-a-day.

That's why you will see articles and posts berating VIA, and questioning VIA's intentions, following any minor mistake, while other articles and posts heap unquestioning praise on NVidia, and their closed source Linux drivers.


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