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OOo Needs a Draft / Work / Normal View

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 01, 2005 08:18 PM
Good article. It's a daunting task to compare two large, feature-laden programs, but I think this did a decent job.

I'm a fan of OOo, and have been trying to pursuade my family to give it a try (w/o success). At work I pretty much have to use Word. Taking a cue from "Word 97 Annoyances" (a great book), I've tweaked it heavily. One of my most useful tweaks is an editing view that has:

1) Word set to Normal view -- no page formatting shown, with the text wrapped to the window size

2) A column down the left edge that displays the styles applied to paragraphs

3) Tabs, paragraph marks, and field codes displayed, but no other non-printing visual clutter.

I find this an enormously efficient editing view and spend probably 75% of my Word time this way. I find it quite unfortunate that Writer only offers a Page Layout view and an Oneline view (I may have the names off), neither of which is really a "just let me see what I'm editing, with enough formatting that I can make sure things are tidy" sort of look at what I'm doing.


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