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Re:Good article

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 01, 2005 07:45 PM
here, here, Yeti has hit the nail on the head, It needs to be able to render Word docs flawlessly before you will see mass migration.

I am keen to change, my only remaining ms progs are my OS & Office & I'd rather see the back of them. Firefox & Thunderbird have only recently made the grade but are now very good replacements, NVu is also a very good replacement for frontpage.

Most of us don't have wads of spare time to dedicate to making software changes that are not absolutely necessary.

As a small business user I have a multitude of docs, much of it promo gear, i.e. card, leaflets, brochures, booklets. I keep coming back & trying OO but still until this day I would have to dedicate several weeks of work to "fixing" all my docs, that's a luxury we simply can't afford, so I have once again uninstalled.

Why this is so is not relevant to the end user, blaming microsoft, rightly or wrongly, does not make the problem go away, does not change the reality that at the moment converting is just not viable/feasible/practical/affordable/attractive for/to most end users.

I would recommend OO to anyone who does not already have a substantial time investment in word docs, but if you do, OO is still not ready to replace word without a serious blow to your workload. Like me, you probably have more than enough to do already without unnecessarily having to re-work all your docs.



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