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Re:Writer gets the job done!

Posted by: richlv on June 27, 2005 10:55 PM
i did some testing of 1.9 versions - up to m-eighties/nineties i could quite easily find a reproducible crash scenario almost every time i tried.

i tried to avoid doing any real work with it, though - especially once when i lost a couple of pages (my own fault - even after some pre-crashing asked wether i want to save the file. i probably should have copied original file - it was damaged beyond repair so i had to restore previous version).

since snapshots have gone over 100, i have only been able to crash it a couple of times - and even then in a non-reproducible way, so stability is on it's way.

of course, it's far from 1.1.4 - i haven't been able to crash it at all (1.1.3 popped a couple of times). hopefully we won't have to wait for 2.1.4 to reach the same stability<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)

ps. using slackware-current and installing with unsupported rpm tool =)


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