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Re:Too many lies or ignorance

Posted by: Bruce Byfield on June 26, 2005 11:09 AM
Sorry to intervene on your parade of self-righteousness, but:

1. Open Writer and Word paragraph style dialogues side by side. Writer's options allow control over hyphenation, page breaks and last lines in justified paragraphs that simply do not exist in MS Word.

2. Word does not have frame, list and page styles, period. It has some options for frames and lists for particular paragraph styles, which is not the same thing. Its list options are more limited than in Writer, and it does not give users any controls at a stylistic level for the frames used by other objects; they all have to be set manually.

3. To say that Word's page design concept is derived from HTML pages may sound good, but it's just another way of saying that it has no concept of the page in a typographical sense. If you ever try to do layout more complex than left, right, and starting pages in MS Word, you'll notice immediately how difficult it is to design at the page level. There are simply no tools available for doing so.


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