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Re: Too many lies or ignorance

Posted by: Bruce Byfield on June 26, 2005 10:55 AM
On the off-chance that you might be interested in a constructive exchange rather than insulting me anonymously, I'd be very interested in hearing the details of how you use SET and IF fields for conditional text. If they can be used for that purpose, then you've stumbled on a technique that hundreds of professional writers who use MS Word daily have missed.

I say this with some confidence, because I was reluctant to make such a sweeping claim based on my experience alone, even though it's fairly extensive. I spent some time searching, and what I found tallied with my own experience. For example, I found a few places where professional writers asked if MS Word supported conditional text and were told by other professionals that it didn't. I also saw one MS Word guru announcing a macro he had written for using conditional text. So, if I'm wrong on this particular point, so are a lot of other informed people.

Which brings up a second point. When a fact is wrong, a person isn't always ignorant or a liar. Sometimes, a mistake is a honest one.

In proof of which: respond with the details of how you use fields to create conditional text in MS
Word, and I'll try it out. If it works, I'll say so, and admit the mistake.


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