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Re:Usability & polish

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 24, 2005 06:12 AM

Don't get me wrong, OO is a great program...but Word offers a lot of convience to basic users. If I was deciding between OO and Word my biggest question would be "how much moeny is convience worth?". You get what you pay for. OO might be free, but it's not polished. If I had the money to spend, I might just decide that convience wins over Open source. I spend lots more time cursing at OO then I do Word.

You are correct when you are talking about convenience for basic users, but basic users won't need much more than WordPad. Once you have to raise the level of complexity beyond basic use, Word will cause you more headaches than you deserve for the $$$ you gave Microsoft. Two reasons: first, advanced funtions are hidden in places where no one would look for them. Second, once you have found them, you will recognise that they are poorly implemented. Hardly anything in Word is working as it should, and chances are good you are losing your data through crashes and corrupted files. If you want to make a reality check, ask an average office user how many pages a word processor document should contain. Most will tell you about twenty. Is there any reason why a word processor shouldn't contain more than twenty pages? OOo Writer will happily handle 1 000 pages or more with footnotes, images, references. Try that with Word.

Sorry, Word is one big mess and still as "stable" as Win 95. I'll never let it touch my computer again, no matter how 'convenient' it seems to be.


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