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Re:Spell Check in OO?

Posted by: Daniel Carrera on June 24, 2005 04:02 AM
>I see the author of this article as having been bothered to play around with Writer a lot more than Word.

I know the author, and I'm under the impression he's been using Word longer than Writer.

>Page layouts a style? Interesting verbage.

You don't give much in the way of reasons, do you? Having page styles makes OOo a lot more flexible. I like this feature.

>I have not experienced the problems he claims exist in 2003.

Lucky you. I've heard from many experienced writers who have.

>H&F are by neccesity a section-based object as that is what happens in the real world.

AFAICT they are, by necessity, a property of the page. Making it part of the page style is an elegant approach.

>If you want page layout software, don't use a WP for your DTP.

What if you want to write a document that could benefit from both WP features and DTP features? Personally, I like the way OOo does it.

> multi-column indexes

Writer has those too.

> Master documents: Yes, he even states the opinion he offers is many years old. John cheerfully admits my methodology, available free from tech whirlers for a number years already, gets useful results.

"get useful results"? Is that all you expect from Master Documents? Master documents are currently very unreliable in MS Office. In OOo they work.

> Unique tools: Writer wind purely because it has a free add on for PDFs? Umm - Word has several too. Again, pure ignorance.

No, I think you're showing your ignorance. PDF is not an "add on" in Writer. It's part of the program. And Word's PDF add-on ain't free.

> Word is more powerful simply because it integrates tightly with a number of other products.

Writer integrates tightly with the rest of OOo. More so than what MS Office can do.

> These days the 'ye olde sequential document format' is all but dead.

Funny, I thought the book I'm working on was a sequential document.

> What efforts have been made to allow integration with a database and which one?

You really didn't bother to try out the version of OOo the author was reviewing, did you? OOo 2.0 beta has a database application which can talk to a dozen different databases (MySQL, Oracle, HSQLDB, etc) and has provides two database backends (HSQLDB and dBase). Let's see MS Office integrate with a dozen databases.



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