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Scripting and HTML export comparisons

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 24, 2005 02:22 AM
I was hoping to see some discussion of Word's and Writer's scripting/macro capabilities (language, recording, usability). The last time I did any scripting in Word was in Word 7/95, before the move from WordBasic to VisualBasic for Applications. Does anyone know if/how Writer's capabilities measure up to Word's?

Another missing comparison, an easy win for Writer no less, is HTML export. Word's "HTML" is an XML-laced mishmash that isn't useful for much but opening in Word or Explorer; Writer's HTML is actually fairly decent (i.e. it won't choke a validator) once filtered through HTML Tidy.

Recently faced with a 200-page Word document I had to get into (structured) FrameMaker *NOW*, I loaded it into Writer, saved as HTML, Tidy'ed, then loaded it into FrameMaker using the HTML application. Later on, I did a global search/replace on element names to convert it to the internal company DTD. That saved me hours of work. Converting a Word document to structured FrameMaker is (as I've learned by hard experience) otherwise something best done by stripping it down to text and re-tagging.

-- Larry Kollar


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