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Re:Misleading article

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 24, 2005 02:05 AM
<i> Word makes it easier to update styles by modifying the format of a paragraph with the style and then selecting the style from the palette.</i>

Writer 2.0 makes it easy too by clicking on "New style from selection > update style" from the Styles and Formatting window.

<i>Additionally, Word has always offered styles on the toolbar for an easy drop down list.</i>

Uhmmm... so has Writer.

<i>Word will additionally display styles in the floating palette with ad hoc format changes.</i>

That doesn't seem so useful. Considering how many dozens of options styles can have, I don't see how you could offer a representative sampling of what styles can do.

<i>Templates are not that complex in Word, and if you are using templates you probably understand them.</i>

My mom and dad use templates for letters, invoices, etc. My kid brother uses for presentations at school (he grabbed them from OOExtras).

Why should templates be advanced features? It shouldn't be complicated.

<i>For bullets and numbered lists, Word actually does what it should do in most cases.</i>

But they are still unreliable when you try to do something interesting like having several nesting levels, or moving items around.

<i>More importantly, though, is Word will help you by recognizing common typographical conventions as lists and format them appropriately.</i>

Such as? Please only specify things that Writer does not do.

<i>Word offers using special characters, pictures, and various different formats for the bullets.</i>

Writer does that, and then some.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)

<i>Word will conveniently remember the ones you use most commonly.</i>

And Writer provides list styles. I'd rather have styles, than have the program "remember the formatting I most use".

<i>You can double-click on the header or footer from the Print Layout (the default view) of Word to modify it.</i>

And in Writer you can single-click on it and do anything you do on the document body.

<i>Other options involving headers and footers (like alternating headers for odd and even pages) are available through the page setup dialog.</i>

And in Writer they are part of the page style. A concept foreign to Word.

<i>Guess what, that feature is directly copied from Microsoft Word 2003.</i>

I don't know if that's true. But if it were. Do you disapprove of OOo copying a good idea?

It's ridiculous that people complain "OOo should do xyz like program abc" and when do that people complain "OOo copied!".

OOo copies ideas when we think they're worth copying. When we think we have a better idea, we use ours. Hence, some things are copied, and many ohters are different. It goes both ways you know? MS


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