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Posted by: gottliebpet on June 24, 2005 01:46 AM
The article neglects two importand deficiencies of OO Writer: (1) Word has a richer set of keystroke combinations for invoking a macro. In particular, Word can use ctrl-alt-key, while Writer does not support this combination. Being able to use both ctrl-shift-key and ctrl-alt-key is very useful because it permits one to use the former to turn a feature on and using the latter, with the same value of key, to turn it off. Of course it would be possible to just use one combination and have the macro toggle, but that is sometimes a lot of extra programming effort. (2) While there are 2 different methods for jumping to a bookmark, neither permits its keystrokes to be captured in recording a macro. This is an inconvenience, although there are work-arounds if you happen to be a very proficient programmer in StarBasic.


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