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My 2 cents

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 24, 2005 12:15 AM
I've used WordPerfect 4.2 through 2000, two versions of AmiPro for several years, all versions of MS Word from Office 95 onward, and most OpenOffice versions since 1.1. I've also briefly looked at others, such as the first commercial version of Lotus WordPro (that was bad enough to make a person cry!).

My largest manual (10 subdocuments, 1 master, TOC and Index in separate subdocuments) is worked on by three different people and is several thousand pages of tables and text. So far WordPerfect 2000 has worked out the best for us.

AmiPro couldn't do subdocuments, the earlier versions of MS Word literally blew up, and OpenOffice turned out to be, well -- Frankenstien's clone of MS Office.

I'm committed to moving to open source and out of Windows. It just seems to be so painful some times.

Quickly scanning through the above comments I noted that one person mentioned writing without styles. Many novel writers prefer to minimize formatting until they've got their first couple of drafts done. Formatting gets in the way when you've to a goal of dozens of pages per day. When the wordprocessor forces the writer to do an editor's job, it just isn't a good tool. Check out the blogs of some professional writers if you'd like to get an idea of what's important to them.


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