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Re:Spell Check in OO?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 23, 2005 09:22 PM
> If the information in the template and the document differ, then the document is corrupted and often unusable.

Complete load of rot. Look, at the end of the day, I see the author of this article as having been bothered to play around with Writer a lot more than Word.

The statement "the relationship between templates and documents is looser than it is in Microsoft Word. In Writer, a template determines only the initial formatting of a document. A link is maintained only to give you the option of updating the document with changes to the template. However, users can ignore this link because the source of formatting information is the document itself."

This is exactly how Word deals with it. Page layouts a style? Interesting verbage. Etc

B&N: I have not experienced the problems he claims exist in 2003.

H&F: Again, a clueless commentary. H&F are by neccesity a section-based object as that is what happens in the real world. If you want page layout software, don't use a WP for your DTP.

Indexes and tables: Yet again the author shows his complete ignorance of many of the features in Word, including a concordance file, multi-column indexes and the like. Complete load of rot this section.

Conditional text: I have had a simple free tool on tech whirlers for years that provides this feature, and again, the author doesn't discuss IF fields and the like.

Master documents: Yes, he even states the opinion he offers is many years old. John cheerfully admits my methodology, available free from tech whirlers for a number years already, gets useful results.

Unique tools: Writer wind purely because it has a free add on for PDFs? Umm - Word has several too. Again, pure ignorance.

Word is more powerful simply because it integrates tightly with a number of other products. These days the 'ye olde sequential document format' is all but dead. Where is the Open office Sharepoint server? Where is the Business Portal? What efforts have been made to allow integration with a database and which one?

Steve Hudson
Word Heretic


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