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Re:Writer gets the job done!

Posted by: m2brew on June 23, 2005 11:56 AM
It has never crashed on linux and i havent figured out how to force it to crash.

Really??! On average I crash it about 3x a day on linux. No surprise - I am writing a dissertation on it (a dissertation on beta version software!) and am making use of the master document feature, heavy use of styles, templates, several different kinds of tables, embedded spreadsheet and draw objects, the bibliographic database, lots of imported images, etc. Even using beta versions, I have lost a total of only two lines of text out of 150+ pages in two months, and have had no corrupted files.

One surprise I have is that export to PDF gives an accurate, high quality document, in spite of the heavy formatting and abundance of graphics present. It looks like it is probably good enough for print quality.

But, man, does it ever crash for me.


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