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Tools that OOo has that the article implied it did

Posted by: pseudo_daoist on June 23, 2005 07:10 AM
a) Grammar checking for OOo is available, albeit as an add on macro. The only one that is really ready for prime time is Cymraeg, for Welsh.

_Language Tool_ is in beta for Hungarian, German, and English.

_An Gramadóir_ is in beta for Irish.

_CoGrOO_ is in beta for Portuguese.

Work on creating rule sets for about twenty more languages, for these grammar checkers is underway.

b) OOo IME tools

_The Indic Transliterator_ macro, takes text input in the Latin Writing system, and converts it to the appropriate text in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu - depending upon the user selected options.

_The Hebrew Virtual Keyboard_ converts one's keyboard to Hebrew, Greek, or Cyrrillic. Unreleased versions include various Oriental languages.

_Thesalonika_ Macro is available for Early Greek.
[And provides much better Greek editing _The Hebrew Virtual Keyboard_ does.

c) Translation tools.

_Vocabulary_ is the simplest OOo translation macro. It simply is a list of words in two languages.

In general, OmegaT is suggested for translation, since it was designed as a translation editor, and can read/write OOo 1.x formatted documents.


Finding these macros is difficult, since there is very little centralization for OOo addons.


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