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Lancer EVO or impreza STI?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 16, 2005 08:01 PM
To me the above question is much more relevant
to OS comparison than these words of Linus.

Clearly as others have stated about a million times, linux is a kernel not an OS.

Someone (debian?) could take this kernel and
package a great OS.
Some other can also take this kernel (redhat?)
and package a product that sucks.

Also another fact strikes me intensively:

Linux has been favored my the world's attention,
funding from the biggest corporations (now best citizens of free software,
but formerly not too friendly to open standards such as TCP/IP, (read IBM and its SNA anti-internet fud during the 90's)),
and all the ex-windows users that start begging
to differ, and all that for over 6-7 years..

And whats the result?? Where are we now?
A fragmented kernel, confused users,
and performance and stability that
is comparable to lets say FreeBSD.....

Is that what you'd call value for effort???
(As in value for money...).

As for my self, i am happy with FreeBSD,
and let IBM loose money from its investment
in Linux, which of course come from
selling services to banks running SNA, CICS, DB2,etc..


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