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Re:Versioning is also an open source endeavor

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 16, 2005 10:57 AM
Let me add:

I did not mean to be issulting, but if versioning is a skill, then:
-- let those that are skillful at it and want to contribute do so,
-- so too is versioning WHILE developing, coordinating, etc FOSS.

For the first case, you can contribute by, eg, taking all of the kernels and reorganizing them. Either do this only with past kernels (as an exercise/ proof of concept/ to get caught up for at least a little while), or commit to doing this for at least some time into the future.

For the second case, I'd say that maybe Linus has a little more experience than most. It isn't easy to brainstorm, study, develop, accept patches, return emails, coordinate, keep everyone upto date with newest kernels, and have a versioning system that can explain to other developers the various existing/subtle/not-so-subtle differences at a glance so that they are saved lots of headaches and do not become discouraged from contributing (for those that keep up with AND all the while be going throught the BitKEEPER thing.

[For the most part, "you" means "someone."]

On the other hand, maybe not enough people want to complain to Linus? Maybe it is easier on this forum than on a kernel mailing list? Maybe no one wants to rock the boat?


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