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Two necessary approaches

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 15, 2005 02:43 AM
Interesting bit. It's good to see that Linus keeps it calm. Still, it seems to me that he's kind of beating around the bush. What about a full scale comparison? His 'perfect' versus 'good enough' thingy doesn't make much sense to me. Isn't 'perfection' what drives any kind of development (whether perfection is ultimately attainable or not)? How could it be harmful to try to perfect a certain area? The whole system profits from it. The whole issue is that people *restrict* themselves to certain areas. Surely, it's important to see the big picture but Linus' approach is too black and white for me. We need perfectionism in specific areas which then are linked into the bigger system. Perfect is the friend of good, just as is 'good enough' is. It's not a black or white world... as somebody stated in that interview. I see a lot of mixing (i.e. grey).


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