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Re:Thanks Linus!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 14, 2005 02:34 AM
Which is one reason I get so annoyed at Windows and OS X users. They insist their OS is easier to use where as somebody that is reasonably expert in all of them might find them similar in level of ease. Likewise a total newbie might find learning any of them to be of similar effort. I've used dozens of OS's and am expert in several of them so at least I have some right to make a choice as to which is best for an expert user. For non-expert users I think it doesn't matter. Average people used to manage to use computers by making punch cards so I think most people should be able to easily adapt to any of the modern GUI systems (Windows, OS X, GNOME, KDE, BeOS). I personally think it's best not to dumb down interfaces to much because I have faith in the intelligence of average users. I often feel that experienced Windows and OS X users are more computer illiterate than total newbies because the newbies haven't learned that they can't do it.


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