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Re:Questions: svn add (and svn move)

Posted by: richlv on June 13, 2005 10:09 PM
there was some do-not-update-newer option, i think, though that's not the best solution.

i currently have scripts that sync either to, either from server - but i have to run them manually, of course.

i don't see a way to handle missing files (deletions) correctly - unless by looking at directory modifying date ? but this would fail if you delete file in one computer and then another on second computer.

as i understand, subversion would be pretty hard to maintain if you work with many files (adding each file ? uh, better rsync with known latest repository).

actually, is there a way to handle this problem gracefully without having systems constantly connected ?
what if you delete a file in one computer and then modify in another one ? what should synchronization software do ?


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