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cool, thanks

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 10, 2005 03:40 AM
I've been in an MS shop for several years been using SourceSafe for work programming.

at home I use 80% Free Software, and have been wanting to do this very thing to my ~/docs folder for ages.

I do have some questions.

I thought there were problems with Binary documents?
Don't I need to set some flag or something to tell it if the document is Binary or Text?
How does Subversion handle Multiple Checkouts?
Can I create my repository on any File System type ie (fat32)
what about my check out folder should that go on my fat32 or ext3 partition?

My main issue is I would want my Repository Avalible for the few times I do boot Windows at home.
So if I create a repository in linux how do I Tell windows about the repository when I reboot?

in Conclusion
Sigh I worry to much...after all its just my Recipe for Black Bean Hummus..:)


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