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Re:Questions: svn add (and svn move)

Posted by: kirkjobsluder on June 09, 2005 06:01 AM
Is it necessary to use the svn add command every time I want to create a new file? Can't I just create a new file and commit changes? Won't svn catch that?

Not out of the box. The reason is that a lot of processes add files that probably should not be committed to the repository: (latex and source code compilation).

As a follow-up, does this apply to svn move, as well? Let's say I have a file in one directory, and I want to move it to I need to move the file in explorer (or finder), and then open a command prompt and issue an svn move?

You would need a wrapper script for this.

On the other hand, subversion is great if you need to synchronize work directories between different computer systems.


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