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Questions: svn add (and svn move)

Posted by: The Spoonman on June 09, 2005 05:40 AM

I've been playing around with the idea of using Subversion to maintain my home directory (I read an article from someone who was using CVS on his). Seems to me to be the perfect solution to my issue of having a work and personal laptop and a desktop. Great way to keep them all in sync. It also helps deal with the Mac leaving<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.DS_Store resource fork files all over the place.

However, complexity of use was the main reason I never got around to playing with it seriously. Complexity in the use of the svn add and move commands. Is it necessary to use the svn add command every time I want to create a new file? Can't I just create a new file and commit changes? Won't svn catch that? As a follow-up, does this apply to svn move, as well? Let's say I have a file in one directory, and I want to move it to I need to move the file in explorer (or finder), and then open a command prompt and issue an svn move?

I suppose I could write a wrapper script around the mv command on each box to issue both mv and svn move if it's in my home somewhere. I typically move stuff around using the bash shell, but a lot of times it's just easier to use the GUI (such as selecting a lot of random files).


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