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I don't think VIA completely understands

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 05, 2005 07:43 PM

Having read both sides, I conclude that VIA still hasn't really got the picture. They're obsessed with the "value" of their "intellectual property". That means they've spent a lot of resources writing drivers in the past, and can't bring themselves to face up to the fact that the monetary value of all that is now zero. It's a sunk cost. They're a hardware company and should aim to earn money by selling hardware.

Although I'm not involved with the people in the Linux community who are working on these drivers, I have worked on video drivers for S3 chips in the past, and I think I know what they want. They want the specs of how to program the chips: I/O addresses, control codes, data formats, sequence rules. Not software. Not specs of how to build the chips. Specs of how to program the chips. The kind of info that was always routinely and freely made available by chip manufacturers until about a dozen years ago. Open-source software from VIA would be nice, because examples are useful in understanding specs, but it's not as important as the specs.


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