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64 bit has been useable on servers for years

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 12, 2005 05:54 PM
I have been running 64 bit linux on my Alpha at home since 1998. I have tried RedHat, Mandrake and most recently Gentoo.
Back when I used it as a desktop machine life was sometimes a little difficult, but with perseverence I managed tasks like web browsing and sound editing. These days it runs as a server and life is much easier. Functioning applications include:

  - courier IMAP server

  - bittorrent

  - privoxy

  - mldonkey

  - ffmpeg

  - ntpd
Life can still be a bit tricky. Currently, I can read from but not write to samba and getting the mythtv backend to work is proving a challenge.
In summary, I would suggest that making Linux work on these 'johny come lately' 64 bit platforms from Intel and AMD has been made a lot easier because of folks who have spent the last decade getting it to work on other 64 bit platforms.


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