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Re:About FreeBSD..

Posted by: PeterWemm on April 05, 2005 09:39 AM
Whoops, one followup comment I need to make.

In all cases, the RELENG_5 (so called) "5-stable" branch has been more robust and solid than the last few actual formal amd64 releases. Given how new the amd64 port is, I usually tell people to install the most recent release and immediately update it to the top of the 'stable' branch.

For example, all the known 5.3-release syskonnect/marvell/8gb/32bit-emulation problems are fixed in 5-stable. Sure, there are still going to be problems, but we've fixed all the known ones that people keep running into. We can help people who are running the latest "stable" code much more effectively than people running older releases. Things are still moving very quickly compared to the other more mature platforms that we support.

Again, this statement applies to the FreeBSD/amd64 releases - not FreeBSD in general - because of the simple fact that there are more people running i386 snapshots/betas/rc's than there are people running the amd64 snapshots/betas/rc's.


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