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buggy support

Posted by: WarPengi on March 18, 2005 01:02 AM
I have found Linux support for my Palm pilot to be buggy and unreliable over the years. My 1st device was a Visor Prism and I slaved away with Mandrake 8.2 to get things working with Evolution. Eventually it did but due more to updates than to the work I did I suspect. I replaced the Visor with a Palm m515 and again things did not work until I installed a newer version of Mandrake when suddenly everything worked. Now I have a Palm Tungsten/W and I am running SuSE 9.2 x86_64. I was not able to get the device to sync with Evolution (odd since Novell now owns both Evolution and SuSE) so I switched to Kontact for email, addressbook and organiser and it works but not reliably.

Using this article I discovered that it is the visor module that is not loaded. When the Palm device is placed in the cradle and the hot sync button is pressed I need to manually open kpilot for the system to load the visor module. The system does a hotsync connection but doesn't actually sync any files. That requires a 2nd hot-sync and you have to click the hot-sync button on kpilot before pressing the hot sync button on the cradle. This level of bugginess is not good, to say the least. Especially from a vendor like SuSE.


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