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W32 Viruses On Wine

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 29, 2005 09:28 AM
You're not doing it right! I've had great luck
with this. Actually, I do it as part of my
research with computer viruses. Under Wine, I
can control more of how the virus will operate
without having to actually toast a system to
do it. Unix file permissions basically make sure
everything stays in place and under control. I've
ran MyDoom, Netsky, Lovgate, Dipnet...just about
all of them that I come across. Sometimes they will
need extra help, such as adding a file that is
usually found on Windows but you wouldn't think
about in Wine. Some require running under Winedbg,
which will help run even the least compatible.
Generally, anything that avoids complex exception
handlers and the latest WinXP programming is
going to work.
Try making your "Windows" more "Windows"-ish. You
should have a full registry, complete with all
the useless, cryptic Windows junk. Try for those DLL's the viruses
require. You can even compile them with Mingw32.
Linux does truely have it all.


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