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Re:charts inadequate for scientific presentations

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 08, 2004 07:44 AM
It's reported as a bug, much discussion has been had about this bug, and the importance of this bug has been thrashed many times, but it's still marked "OOo later", i.e. "some time after 2.0 we we think about it". (Bug 3997)

But it's a showstopper.

It's almost as dumb a design decision as requiring all animation elements on a given slide to have the same method of advancing (all manual or all automatic) (Bug 33691).

For the sort of scientific work I do, OpenOffice is on a level with the 1993/4 Office products: Writer ~ WinWord 6 (except that Word 6 had better reference management through Endnote and had a better equation editor (Bug 35550) or field codes for equations (Bug 5919)), Calc ~ Excel 3 or 4, Impress ~ Powerpoint 95 (worse, actually, but that's my earliest experience with powerpoint).

The thing that OOo wins on is vector graphics... but then you can't export it in any format that can be imported into the MS Office products that you need to actually get the rest of your work done. (raster format export is limited to screen resolution, so even that's not a work around: see bugs 14394, 4499)

So while I'd love to use OOo for all my work, I can't... at least MSOffice works as well under WINE as it does under Windows!



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