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Compatibility OO MS office

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 08, 2004 07:42 AM
As our company gives training courses in linux and of course it software, I was obliged to check out both OO and MSO. Now during this endeavour, I met with several things we are still missing in OO. One is the largest problems is importing net PowerPoint 2003 slides. These slides seem to be imported in a manner, you can make a presentation of 30 minutes pass in 20 seconds. Impress, doesn't really stop where it is supposed to be, or turns the animations into c.r.a.p. . Impress is not the biggest issue in the swap of office suite. calc also has it's own problems. Multiple formulas can give problems. Also, validation of cells seems to be a problem for your average john doe as then need to create their own macro's. To be honest I haven't checked creating macro's as that was not a part of the coursebook.
OpenOffice is a great substitute. But when swapping, you better keep both for a while. One to open slide shows, convert them to PowerPoint 97 and them import them into impress.
When you create files with OpenOffice you will not encounter any problems. Been a favorite users for over a year now (and played with staroffice 3 years ago)


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