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charts inadequate for scientific presentations

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 08, 2004 12:07 AM
I use OOo Impress for scientific presentations quite frequently. It's generally quite a nice tool, but there are three issues that repeatedly annoy me. I hope some or all of them will be fixed in 2.0:

1. Bullets, and particularly graphical bullets, are very hard to configure properly. Indenting, etc., can be a disaster.

2. The "appear" visual affect is not in the Frequent list of visual effects, so it takes an extra couple of seconds to tell OOo to make an object appear with no fancy animations. Overall, visual effects are a bit kludgey, and the lack of a more sophisticated sequencer for visual effects is frustrating.

3. Most important, the Chart component is utterly inadequate for scientific presentations, because the Standard Deviation feature on bar charts has been broken (i.e., wrong!) for literally years! Last I heard, Chart is not going to be fixed for 2.0. What a disaster.


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