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Debian rocks on the C/H/S platter

Posted by: Sean Champ on November 30, 2004 03:50 AM
Ok, just my 2¢ about the <A HREF="" title="">Deb</a>:

Debian truly rules the IT world in regards to:

  • packaging

  • package maintainer support

  • user support -- anchored in bug-tracking, about packages and installation issues, etc
  • standardization -- Debian policy tends to be the basis of this

  • customizability -- at the level of (1) the user/admin's software configuration, and at the level of (2) the user/admin's view of the Debian packaging system, which supports such ease in the cutomization of pacakges

and I do honestly doubt that I'll see any distro, of any operating system, beating 'em, at the afore -- though I am afraid that any clamor - raised upon the impatient myopia of marketroids - may follow, after this.

But, heck -- the list, above, does serve to summarize: Why Debian rules, in the roots of the IT suchforth -- for those particular points of ruling, marked afore


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