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Re:My workstation OS: Gentoo

Posted by: theshaman on November 27, 2004 09:48 AM
Yeah, but not everyone is so ungainfully employed as to waste days just to install a distro. Don't tell me a Stage 3 option exist for the impatient, by opting for it, it defeats the purpose of using Gentoo in the first place.

Even if one makes it past the initial install, the post-install installation of software or should I say compilation of software can be quite demanding on one's hardware. While many in the more developed countries are blessed with 3 Ghz cpus, 2 gig ram, tens even hundreds of gigs of HD capacity, many in the developing nations don't and thus have not what it takes to source compile major stuff like xorg.

Neither I must add is "building anything and everything from source" an exercise in optimum usage of TIME but rather an exhibition of how UNGAINFULLY employed a person is.

And of course those tweaking of the CFLAGs, hehe, can't wait to see more impressionable fashion pervies get their hands burned<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)

This coming from one who is an ex-Gentoo user but now vows NEVER ever to go back to it but it may just be a distro for those with the latest hardware to flaunt or time to waste.


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