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I currently agree....

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 26, 2004 10:05 PM
I went through stages when I first encountered linux.

First, I didn't know what a distro was, I just picked up some CD's at the computer store that looked interesting.

Second, I installed whatever was the newest distro I could get CD's of... This was back when dial up was 28.8 and 6 CD's of files saved a lot of time.

Third, at univirsity I discovered downloading, and used redhat and started to custom build from code when dependencies needed.

Fourth, I extended the compile theme to doing a full LFS install, right up to a desktop OS.

Fifth, Debian, basically, once you've learned to build the OS from source, I felt that I didn't need to do that anymore(at least not manually). So I use debian(testing), It's solid, stable and relativly up to date. Works on old and new hardware and generally makes my life simple.(My servers are kept up to date with one simple line.)

This was before Gentoo(I, like many, had that same idea, just not the time to implement it, oh well). I recently bought a new laptop (AMD64 based) and am itching to try Gentoo on it. But I suspect I will stick with Debian for my system.




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