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Of the next Stable and Unstable

Posted by: theshaman on November 26, 2004 09:27 PM
As someone else has already pointed out, the next Debian Stable release is not 4.0 but 3.1. Fwiw, one can already download and try it by using the Debian Installer (D-I) at RC2 of the D-I has just been released but days ago and is already very stable. In fact, RC1 was already useable for I'm typing this out from an Unstable/Experimental box that was installed via RC1 almost 3 months back now.

Also it is not true that new upstream releases or newly packaged apps gets to go first into Unstable but rather they are ship into Experimental and/or the devel's/maintainer's own private repo. There are in fact stations before Unstable e.g. Experimental. For I apt-getted my GNOME 2.8 in late September from Experimental.


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