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Tony Buzan did this on paper long before...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on September 15, 2004 07:35 PM
Tony Buzan made mind maps popular several decades ago on paper, so creating mind map software is NOT original.

However, you do have a partial point. FreeMind is free (as in freedom) software, and available at no cost. Further development, documentation and support requires someones time. Where does this time come from?
a) voluntary effort
b) paid time

The FSF encourages making money to support development, see

They could add "make money to support users of free (as in freedom) software", but they will probably not do this, as a great part of the free software community is about voluntary effort, which is a good thing.

I said you had a partial point, because competition is fact every producer must cope with, lest they have a monopoly. Many none-free producers have products they offer at no cost. They do this to attact customers, thus making it easier to advertise for products or services that costs money. According to you, they are morons, because given at no cost what another competitor charges for, is bad for the competitor. According to me, they are smart business people.


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