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Were you referring to "Bravo!" - I mean, MS-Word?

Posted by: Leon Brooks on September 14, 2004 01:12 PM
Or QDOS - I mean, MS-DOS? Or Spyglass Mosaic - I mean, Internet Explorer? Or SyBase - I mean MS SQL Server?

Or Vermeer's HTML editor? Bruce Artwick's flight simulator? Forethought's slideshow program? Or Wang's OLE? Or Cooper Software's BASIC compiler? Or Lattice's C compiler? Or OneTree's SourceSafe program? Or Digital Equipment Corporation's MICA variant of VMS, perhaps better known today as MS Windows NT? Or Dynamical Systems' Windows kernel improvements? Atomic Games' Close Combat? Fox Systems' database? Shapewear's Visio? Or Microsoft's clone of Quicken?

Innovation? Hah! When are we going to see some from the biggest closed-source house in the world?


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