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Re:Adapt or die...

Posted by: llanitedave on September 14, 2004 12:46 PM
Was the web really "better" back then? Well, there was less porn, less spam, and fewer viruses. But there was also less information, less access to interesting topics, and fewer connections with friends and relatives. And what we DID have was more expensive and slower, and fewer people had access to what was there.

Gee, don't you also miss the days of poll taxes, Jim Crow, and lynchings -- when America was optimized for YOUR exclusive little clique, and those unwelcome ethnics could just be frozen out?

As far as viruses and spam -- get rid of Internet Explorer, and your browsing experience will improve tremendously. Those "unoriginal" open-source browsers (an early version of which Internet Explorer is an "original" (yeah, right) copycat of) don't have all the spam, virus, worm, and crashing problems that your favorite crap proprietary software does.

As for me, I have multiple tabs open, one showing an NOAA satellite loop of hurricane Ivan in all its glory, another pointed at GROKLAW, another picking up facts on astronomy, one more with a file on my hard drive open where I'm testing a javascript program in progress, and this one here where I'm responding to your ignorant grousing. Oh yeah, and my wife is right behind me on HER computer getting ideas for crafting projects, and I just finished checking my emails through a program that's NOT Outlook -- and I've had no spam on that program in days.

Is my on-line experience diminished because I'm not using a proprietary system?

You're playing in the wrong sandbox, buddy.


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