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Re:Adapt or die...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on September 14, 2004 07:17 AM
1. When did I do this?
2. Dumping what?
3. Again, when did I do this?
4. I think patents are wrong as I believe censorship is wrong. Telling me I can't use my computer this way or that way cause you got an application into patent office first, I think, is asinine. It's one thing if you did the work and you don't want me to use it, but if I do my own work, I don't think you should be able to stop me from using it OR sharing it. I am working actively to end patents, btw, so people like you can't gobble up all the mindshare.
5. Does this mean toll-free highways interfer with toll highway's rights to do business then? I think calling OSS a monopoly is similar to this type of sitution.

So, thanks for accusing me of stealing when you know don't know who I am. It reminds me of a current lawsuit ongoing with SCO... something about accusations of IP theft and copyright infringement without any proof or crime.


I play online games from time to time, and we have a saying to those that are lagging out...

"If you lag, leave, don't whine about it."

You are lagging and now you are whining. Adapt or die (or leave the market to find a new profession).

Again, the market is changing, so you to have to change. If you do not, then if you fail it is your own fault.

But in all of this, there isn't any reason why proprietary software cannot exist with OSS. You are just pushing FUD. Programmers, IMO, will do a whole lot better in a mixed market than in a wholly proprietary one. I don't know why you are so hell bent on making it all proprietary, but if your solution was the best one, than you would have to give up TCP/IP for starters and start paying someone for use of their networks. Remember AOL and Compuserve prior to the net? That's what it would be if we gave up free software and went strictly proprietary.

And for the last eight years of using GNU/Linux, I don't remember complaning once about how everyone ignored Linux and noone commercial developed for it. So we put up instead of shutting up. Now you have competition, HA! Tough for you. Not me. It would seem to me business is booming on my side, how's it going on your side?


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