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Off-Topic and Counter-Productive

Posted by: Russellkhan on July 20, 2004 06:52 PM
Not sure if anyone is still reading this article's comments, but I sure hope at least the editors see this....

While I'm pretty much in agreement with the author regarding F9/11, our current administration and probably a lot more, There is one thing I agree with the conservatives about this article. This article does not belong here. On my first read through of the article and the comments, I thought the standard 'how stupid' stuff about those whose political beliefs are obviously different than mine. I even posted a comment or two (as an AC, I beileve), and I read the comment or two complaining that this stuff didn't belong here, and dismissed it as more conservatives trying to squelch stuff they don't like to hear. But now I'm realizing not all of those posts said anything about whether they agreed or disagreed with the article - they merely said that it didn't belong here or that this was not what they came here to read. Well, let me say that I do agree with much of what the author says, but still think this article should never have been posted - and that if NewsForge is actually interested in promoting Linux and Open Source, the editorial staff should take extra care to make sure similar article do not get posted.

I don't think posting this article helps to advance the interests of Open Source/Free Software. If anything, it serves to alienate those users/admins/managers/whatever who are using or considering Open Source software if their political views are different than those of the author. As much as I disagree with the politics of many posters here, I would much rather they were Open Source and Linux users than not, so let's try to avoid mixing politics in in ways that are very likely to alienate them.

If you really want to publish this sort of thing, perhaps it would be best to start a new site dedicated to Open Source and politics.


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