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Have you read no history?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 16, 2004 06:22 AM

<A HREF="" title="">Fernand Braudel</a> tells us that one of the primary means of peaceful cultural exchange is commerce between different cultures.

I am sure that Kuwait appreciates us stabilizing the Middle East. I care not if all of them want us there or not. A peaceful Middle East is undisputeably in the interest of the entire world. All industrial and post-industrial economies are built upon energy supplies. What happens to the cost of energy in even developing countries when crap flares up in the Middle East?

Besides, democracies tend not fight, so I am all in favor of spreading a little democracy.

Oh, and I do not remeber the Federal government outlawing the use of "French" fries in favor of freedom fries in government materials. If memory serves that was brought by a lot of Americans protesting France's antagonism of our country. There is a huge difference.


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