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Moore might be wrong sometimes....

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 15, 2004 03:16 AM
But not always. People who jump up and down and scream that he's completely false are either blinded by misplaced "patriotism" or very out to lunch. I've read so many "The real reason we went to war" type responses to those who agree with Moore (to agree with a message does not necessarily mean to accept all of it's reference points). Almost everyone one of the "We're the good guys because we bombed" idiots seem to forget that you aren't a good guy to the people under the bombs you're dropping. All those none-of-the-American-government's-business bombings (like Vietnam, Korea, etc..) are WHY so many (if not most) of the world feels anger toward the American government. Let's remember that killing someone is never the answer - they have friends and family you'll enrage doing so and the cycle perpetuates. That being said, anyone who hates the American people for the flaws in it's government are just as stupid, and anyone who resorts to terrorism is completely Braindead, obviously. Microsoft acts exactly the same way as the US government, opportunistically taking over any venture that competes with it, and the fact that M$ won out as the computing company who gets the biggest "Homeland Security" sticker doesn't surprise many - I think is the point of the article. Kudos to the author. I'm not saying the Capitalist "American Dream" is bad or wrong, but it does require a certain amount of stepping on toes to get to the top, which will generate enemies; such is the way nature goes.


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