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Consevative at GNU fan!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 15, 2004 02:07 AM
"can something called "a conservative/right-wing" Linux fan be found (nb: I did not write 'GNU/Linux' since anyone understanding and endorsing the GNU values *cannot* therefore be conservative/right-wing anyway)."

You found one. Me.

I don't consider myself "right-wing" but I am certainly "right of center."

I am conservative in that I would love so see less government meddling in everything! I do have a strong libertarian bent, even though I am registered as a Republican.

And, I like GNU and Linux. Why? Because I have a strong belief in personal freedom and the power of choice.

If I write software and want to give it away, that is my choice. If that damages your business model based on propietary software, tough. Find a new business model.

If I write software and want to keep the code secret, that is my choice. If that locks you into my business model, I am not making you buy it (assuming I don't have an illegal monopoly). Don't want to be locked in, don't use it.

I dislike vendor lock-in and legislated protection of invalid business models. I dislike zealots who claim rights to my work simply because I wrote it.

But, I like the idea of volunarily sharing efforts within a community because I benefit from the sharing too. And the sharing makes me more efficient at my capitalist endevors too. Sharing and profit are both good and both founded on freedom.


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