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Re:The Real Reason We Went to War

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 09:04 PM
Pity, even the current administration has stated that there were no links between Saddam and Al Qaeda or terrorism, Bush has just admitted that there were no WMDs (and they had every opportunity to know it), and that Bush Sr. himself warned that invasion of Iraq was a terrible idea.

I don't know what leftist college campus you were attending, at mine we worried about who was going to take the fallout, invited different people with different perspectives to speak (including right winger Anne Coutier, whose solution was to deport all the students who weren't white or american and go to war with non-christian countries), and ultimately people came up with their own asessments.

I was surprised by being attacked, but can say that as far back as the Clinton years the real left (sorry Dems, but it is true you've abandoned us) were busy trying to convince our government to quit supporting the Taliban on the grounds that they were oppressive and anti-democratic, and we tried to convince our government to stop doing things directly and indirectly that supported Saddam. If the we lived in a culture that took the ideas of the left seriously, 9/11 would likely not have occurred.

There were a lot of objections to the war, among them - if Saddam did have WMDs, he'd be more likely to use them if we attacked, would be more likely to give them to terrorists if attacked, the war would cost a lot more than was being claimed, would have a much longer and costly re-construction effort that was being claimed, would probably not convince the Iraqis (who had been long suffering under Saddam as a result of our actions) that we were their friend, and would reduce our standing and credibility in the world. We appear to have been wrong on one count - there were no WMDs.

The idea that our "diplomatic credibility" has been enhanced is silly. The one lesson other countries seem to have learned (been following North Korea) is that we will turn on our friends the moment it becomes expedient, and the best defense a country has is to develop WMD's and be prepared to use them or hand them over to terrorists. If the US is responsible for China deciding not to invade Taiwan, it's because Bush publicly told them we wouldn't support any democratic efforts that China didn't approve, not because they feared we would attack. (Which will never, ever happen. Why? Because they actually DO have WMDs. Duh.)

Right now, the left's contention is that what we're doing in Iraq and the world will make things worse in the long run. Don't be surprised.


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