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Umm, well. Allow me to retort.

Posted by: ThoreauHD on July 14, 2004 03:50 PM
Since this is a politcal article, and a fairly gullible and transparent one, I'm going to ride along with a counter-point. Then I'm going to actually try to get back to what this site is about, which is Linux.

Democrats and Republicans are one and the same. They both get money from Microsoft. Democrat's get money from Hollywood(CNN/MGM/etc.). Republican's get money from Defense contractors(Loral/Haliburton/etc.). None of them give one drop of piss for you. It's that simple. You mean nothing in every political sense of the word. Your vote cannot compete with PAC money. Now, doesn't it feel better knowing you have no alternatives other than doing something yourself?

None of these parties represent anything resembling the people of the US- Including that fat pile of crap called Michael Moore. It's been this way since the military began trumping the political.. around the time of Eisenhower if you'll recall. Or maybe you don't, because his farewell address isn't in Michael Moore's movies. But, trust me on this.

You may have slao noticed, had you been paying attention, that Mr. Moore disproves his own theories with every film that he has made. Maybe you haven't. Maybe you like to be told a story without thinking about the reality of it.. I don't know. Doesn't really matter, because Michael Moore isn't standing between you and half a billion intolerant and angry Arabs. And GW being friends with the Bin Ladens doesn't explain why they blew up 4000 of GW's people. Friends don't typically do that, do they.

This has nothing to do with Microsoft in either case. And it definitely has nothing to do with Linux.

In fact, I don't read newsforge for listening to Utopian Clueless Democrats or Golden Parachute stuffing Republicans. If you remember the purpose of government, in and of itself, you will find that we are way hell and gone past it's useful purpose. Linux, in contrast, is not.

It's time for Darwin to start livin large. Too many people blaming others for how worthless they are as human beings. I think you'll really enjoy the next 15 years, if you survive. In either case, Linux will survive and Microsoft will not.
It's not a feeling. It's inevitability because of the path we have chosen. It's that simple. Now, on to some real news...


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