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Re:Not quite right..

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 03:15 PM
You can disagree with him, but no proof has ever been found to link Bin Laden to Saddam, aside from his hate for Saddam.

What HAS been documentent and proofed is that Bin Laden hated Saddam. When Iraq invaded Kuwait Bin Laden had returned from Afganistan and was looking for something "to do". He offered his services and "soldiers" (what later became Al Queda) to the Saudi goverment to fight Saddam. The Saudi goverment refused and instead went to bed with the US. This pissed Bin Laden off beyond anything that had angered him before. Not only was he refused, but "heathen" troops where on his beloved home nations -holy- soil.

There are serveral tapes in which Bin Laden speaks of his hate for Saddam. Because he didn't see Saddam as a good muslim at all (which he wasn't). He was Saddam for what he was, a cruel dictator who did not care for religion, unless it served him. And this is something Bin Laden hated in Saddam.

Get your facts straight. Saddam did fund "terrorism", but not Al Queda. What he did was pay the families of Palestinians who had blown themselves up in Isreal compensation money. This infact means he encurages poor families to get a member to commit an act of terrorism. He was however never involved with Bin Laden, 9/11 (even your own senate hearings prooved this) or to my knowlage any large international terrorism. Only terrorism funded at targeting Isreal.

Also note that one of the terrorist groups who did opperate hin Iraq where opperating on the Iran/Iraq border and activly hunted by Saddam's troops. Al through with the support of Iran (they felt back to Iran mostly and where funded from Iran) and due to being weakend after the first gulfwar his own troops hardly dared to go into those area's anymore.

Saddam was a cruel dicator, but nothing to do with Al Queda. Luckly the US invading has made Iraq a breading ground for Al Queda now, where they where first oppressed due to Saddam, now they are florishing. Well done Bush...


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