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We almost agree

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 02:17 PM
You are right, in hindsight it would have been better to have gone all the way in 1991 and taken Saddam out of power instead of meerly praying that his own countrymen would do the dirty work so we didn't have to upset arab allies in the coalition, especially Turkey, a member of NATO. Ironically, some of the very same people who criticized Bush I for not "going all the way" now are upset that the US upset some of it's allies by trying to "finish the job" now. Now you are free to believe whatever you want, but it's not intellectually honest to hold both positions at the same time. Most likely the people that do are engaged in partisanship for it's own sake, which is a dangerous and foolish game. Just like it's silly to absolve Clinton (or Bush I) and blame 9/11 all on GWB. An apathetic public and congress were also contributors to this. Some would argue that we still are.

Enemy Combatents are a whole different matter. See, they are by legal definition neither criminals nor POWS. Now you can argue what the proper treatment SHOULD be, but there is no treaty or law here binding the US in terms of what they MUST do. I really don't mind a legitimate debate over what is and is not acceptable treatment for these people, but I can't agree with the claim that the US is violating their rights under the Geneva convention (or under domestic law).

You have made one or two other claims here that were better addressed by other posters, so I won't respond to those, especially given the length of these posts!!


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