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This has no place on this site.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 09:30 AM
This is a tech site. You have a right to your opinions, and you certainly have the right to express them. But there are other forums that are more appropriate for that purpose.

I would object if someone posted an article here about the correct way to barbeque pork, or how to rebuild an old Toyota. But I especially object in this case because it's political. This crap has no business on a OSS geek site.

Don't pull crap like this again. As other posters here have pointed out, all this will do is polarize people when we're trying -- HARD -- to get F/OSS adopted in our places of business.

If you want the F/OSS movement to be associated with radical, leftist politics, then you can kiss it GOODBYE, because you will have IMMEDIATELY run off about half your potential market.

I'm trying desperately to get our company, which happens to be a conservative radio group, to adopt OSS. You are making my job MUCH more difficult.

This was completely, utterly uncalled for. Write a personal blog. Go onto one of the rant forums and let your voice be heard. Information wants to be free (and all that).

But this was just plain STUPID.


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