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Re:The Real Reason We Went to War

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 08:15 AM
- Who supported Bin Laden with biljons of dollars when fighting USSR occupation of Afganistan?

Ah yes, Soviet domination of Afghanistan is preferred to a free people. Incidently, we were not supporting bin Laden, we were fighting Soviet expansion. It is sort of like the same thing we did when we fought Iraq to get them out of Kuwait and the same sort of protection we give to Tawain.

- Who supported and provided Stinger - SAM (Suface to Air) missiles and other efficient weapons to Bin Laden?

Many countries have done this.

Here is another question: if we have been so helpful to Usama, why does he want to attack us so much now?

- Who supported IRAK and Saddam Hussein with biljons of dollars, with his attack to IRAN?
Who bailed the French out during WWI so that they could start Vietnam? Who gought with the Soviet Union in order to liberate France? Here is a real application of politics to computers. DO you leave alone a minor bug in order to fix a critical one, or do you focus all your resources on the little one and go after the critical one once you have all the minor bugs fixed? Hmmmm, I guess you never have a bug pop-up in any of your fixes. The point is that nations sometimes have to support the enemy of their enemy in order to combat the greater threat. I note that during the Iran-Iraq war we did not have much trouble out of either one because they were wrapped up in one another.

Was it US governament - NOT?

Who has repeatedly helped to establish a nuclear infrastructure in the Middle East? It was not the U.S. Quite blaming the United States because we have helped the free world remain free and have consistently opposed totalitarianism at any cost.


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