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Re:The Real Reason We Went to War

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 14, 2004 08:06 AM

I have never heard anything that proved that Moore was a liar.

Remarkably, due to the undeniable corruption of the UN (which I am sure you admire) the aid was diverted from the Iraqi people, worsening their condition, and was used to further enrich Saddam and help him bypass the UN embargo.

First of all, why the hell would I admire corruption in the UN? Why is it that people on the right always try to put things into black and white, patriotic and anti-american? You've completely ignored the fact that the US and the UK were instrumental in enforcing the UN sanctions that resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent women, children and men.

Meanwhile, the United States and United Kingdom were spending billions to patrol the northern and southern no-fly zones, which were inceidentally imposed after Saddam used Weapons of Mass Destruction on his own people.

Interestingly enough, the earliest recordings of the use of chemical weapons were of the British forces using them on the Kurds in Iraq in the 1930s. Secondly, the US provided Saddam with the technology to create these weapons. It's no secret that Saddam was a brutal dictator but that's not the reason why the US and the UK wanted the UN to invade Iraq.

Our troops were shot at by Iraqis everyday. We repeatedly were forced to bomb Iraq under President Clinton.

How many US troops were killed during this time? How many Iraqis were killed during this time?

Among these were the failure of Iraq to comply with the cease fire agreement and their association with international terror (remember that this cannot be denied because Saddam publicly acknowledged it).

The Iraqi government was never involved with Al Queda. However, the US government did fund and help train the Taliban who in turn helped out Al Queda.

George Washington even said that the grreatest ensurer of peace was a strong defense.

Invading a country the other side of the world is not a defensive move, you idiot. You just proved the anti-war point, well done.

It is our credibility that has kept China from invading Tawain. Perhaps if we had not liberated Kuwait, that crediblity would be gone. It is our military presence combined with credibility that has kept the North out of South Korea. It is our crediblity that forced Libya to clean up its act. With the terrorists, because we had not been able to find an effective response, and Iraq we were losing crediblity.

OMG! I'm beginning to wonder if you're a troll! Do you really think China are afraid of a war with the US? It is China who have kept N. Korea out of S. Korea because China want to get lots of foreign investment. Libya hasn't cleaned up it's act. It's still got a terrible human rights record. Just because they struck a sweet deal with Shell, doesn't mean they're good guys. Bush has flushed all credibility the US had down the toilet. At least Clinton could play the sax.

Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, but they had plenty to do with Al Qaeda and international terrorism

There are no links between Iraq and Al Queda. Bin Laden has, on many times condemned Saddam.

The Bush Administration had ample evidence that Al Queda was planning to attack the US on US soil. The US knew about AL Queda for years and did nothing about them. At best it was a mixture of incompetence and arrogance. At worst, it was simply down to greed.

If I was a president and was told my country was under attack. I'd want to take control, find out more of what's going on. I would want to make sure that everything is being done that should be done. I wouldn't sit there like a scared little puppy and wait for someone to tell me what to do next. This is a non-issue anyway. It's more important to find out what Bush was doing before and after the attacks.

If I have proved anything in this post, it's that things are infinitely more complicated than Conservatives would like us to believe. The rest of the world isn't against the US. Just because people disagree with what the leaders of your country are doing, it doesn't mean that we hate everything American.


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